Consultants Printing Services is a branch press company to the major Al-Jazeera Press, which was established in the year of 1983.  With Farhan Ali Askour as the mastermind, Al-Jazeera Press became the best of its kind in the Kingdom of Jordan.  Al-Jazeera Press began with limited abilities and traditional equipment that were available during its time—but now, with the help of God, it has become one of the most innovational and modern companies in the field of the press.

Consultants Printing Services stems from the aim to bring together design and printing abilities, consequently bringing to the customer the fulfillment of his/her personal and professional ambitions in all fields.  Consultants Printing Services provides a wide array of marketing and advertising schemes for all types of business and companies: personal and public—government agencies included.  With a staff of professional and competent persons in the fields of design and marketing, Consultants Printing Services is confident in providing its customers with a successful design, marketing, press and printing experience.